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Google my BusinessMy name is Brian Ford and I am a Grow with Google Partner. Basically Google uses me to teach businesses how to grow their business by using Google’s tools, like Google my Business, Google Ads, Google Trends, etc. When teaching businesses how to get the most out of their Google my Business listing. These are the 13 points I emphasize for businesses who want to maximize the effectiveness of their Google My Business Listings.

To track the effectiveness of your optimization you will want to track where your Google My Business Listing is ranking for specific keywords in relation to your competitors. You can get more information on how to do that here:

  1. Make sure the hours of operation are correct. This is one of the biggest complaints people have with Google my Business listings. They either don’t show any hours, or the hours are incorrect. Google my Business listings get tons of bad reviews for incorrect hours of operation.
  2. Make sure to fill out the Business information portion at the bottom of the Info section. Though most people don’t pay attention to it, Google does and takes businesses who take the time to fill it out more seriously and rewards them in ranking considerations through the algorithm
  3. Make sure to add your office address instead of using a service area. Generally, listings that have a physical business address will rank higher than businesses with only a service area because of the increased emphasis placed on the location of a business in relation to the searcher for local business searches.
  4. Make sure to post optimized photos. Google prefers photos that are under 5 megapixels 720X720 pixels. You can upload pictures outside of those dimensions, but photos with those parameters have a better chance of ending up in the photo portion of search. Also, if possible when a picture is being taken with a mobile device, make sure the geotagging option is turned on so Google can relate that location information to your Google My Business Listing. Also, in morning meetings have employees go through and like the pictures that have recently been uploaded. It’s a new feature and shows Google that people are engaging with your Business listing.
  5. Use the Questions and Answers section. Hardly any businesses I have worked with utilize this function. Google rewards user engagement. In morning meetings, have employees ask questions through the Google Maps listing and answer them through the “My Business” app. (Download through Android or iOS Store for free, Search “My Business”)
  6. Make sure to mark that your location is open on holidays. If you do not specifically mark that you are open it will have a warning message on that day that “holidays may affect these business hours” and may lead to a prospective customer calling someone else.
  7. Utilize the “@” field in the info section. That is a new option for businesses to shorten the link to their Google my Business listing and is great to use for reviews. For example, if your franchise was  of North Central Mesa, you could use @servproofnorthcentralmesa or @servproncm or something similar to that. In order to turn it into a link to the listing, you would add “” to the front (example: To use it for reviews you would add “/review” to the
    end (example:
  8. Make sure to turn on the Messaging option. This is a shiny new object Google is pushing and they love it when people use their shiny new objects. Not only that, but it’s a great way to keep track of text conversations with customers.
  9. Use the posting section. There are so many uses for the new posting section I could write a whole workshop on that alone. But have fun for it and use the posts to link back to your website as often as possible. Any time you put up a new blog post, do a GMB post about it and link back to the post. Whenever you have an event or if there is inclement weather coming through, make a post about it. A good rule of thumb is to post twice a week unless there is a specific opportunity or reason to post more often.
  10. In the “Appointments” Link option, put a link to the “contact us” page on your website. If you have some type of scheduling software for appointments you can use that. Most restoration companies do not and leave it blank. Using the “contact us” page is a good way to fill in that section to make your listing more robust.
  11. Make sure to answer EVERY review. Even the good ones. People like to see businesses that interact with their customers. Also, keep in mind when responding to negative reviews that the purpose of the response is to convert the potential customer reading the review. Getting into a pissing match to try to prove who is right, even when you are right and can prove it will more often than not turn away potential customers.
  12. Make sure to fill out the Services Section. Most people don’t know this section is there. It’s more a matter of keeping Google happy by having a fully filled out Business Listing. It also helps Google to know where to rank you beyond your original business categories. The more it’s filled out the more Google knows about where to put your business.
  13. ❏ This is the Baker’s dozen hint. Most businesses only fill out one business category. When you originally fill out the Business Listing for verification it only allows you to enter 1 business category. After your listing has been verified you can go in and enter up to 10 more.You can’t enter custom categories, they have to be one of their predefined categories. For a list of all of the Google my Business Categories go to the following link:  If you would like to specifically find catagories that are related to your business go to the fo’llowing link: Select your country and language and click  “Fetch Google my Business Catagories.” Then search for your main categories in the search bar. When it comes up , make sure the “Show results in table ( with option to search )” is marked with a check box. When the Category comes up click on “Related Categories” link and see how many apply to your business. 

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